Red Poets

Ok - so den ni di dwyn y teitl o'r hen Faner Goch ac o flog Seren ond "all property is theft" gan gynnwys eiddo intellectiwal!

Take Tommorow Off

A fair of whirling colours,
Sweating, Pulsing, Spinning,
"What's happening?"
The Voices, The music,
Falling away, slowing,
And then ..
The Curtain Falls.

A Night out, an escape from,
The deadly, daily drudge,
The system that crushes the spirit,
A drink, a tablet to forget,
The soul destroying factory,
Never ending drudgery,
of minimum wage slavery.

And now she's fucked,
Chewed up, Spat Out,
Finally Free.

Gan - Madyn

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