Colonists Out

Mae cynghorydd cymuned (c fach) o Sir y Fflint wedi dewis ymuno efo Plaid Ffasgaidd y BNP. Mae'r dyfyniadau gan Aran Jones, prif weithredwr Cymuned (C fawr) yn yr erthygl isod yn taro'r hoelen ar ei phen.


Asked why she and her husband had moved to Rhewl nearly four years ago, Mrs Howard said, 'We were both retired and looking to move. We were able to buy a better house for less money than our old house in Hampshire.'

Aran Jones, chief executive of the Welsh language communities group Cymuned, said, 'Here you have somebody moving from England to another country, Wales, and telling locals that people who have come from elsewhere should be sent back to where they came from. If it wasn't for the really nasty implications, it would be farcical.

'The letter this man has sent to his constituents contains deliberately populist cheap shots while carefully avoiding the fundamental tenets of what the BNP stands for.

'I would have thought most reasonable people would find it deeply offensive that he stood for election as an independent and then decided to join the BNP. Hopefully, he will be turfed out when he next faces the electorate.'

Mae'r dyn yma yn elyn i Gymry ac yn elyn i Sosialwyr. Mae'n aelod o blaid, petaent yn enill grym na fyddai'n meddwl dwy waith am arestio pawb sy'n anghytuno'n wleidyddol gyda nhw. Mae gan Ffasgiaeth draddodiad ymysg y dosbarth rheoli Prydeinig, ac mae'r dyn yma, cyn swyddog yn fyddin yr ymerodraeth yn cynrychioli'r draddodiad yna'n llwyr.

Mae'n rhaid danfon neges glir nad oes croeso o unrhyw fath i Coloneiddwyr fel y boi yma, nad oes croeso i'w agweddau ymerodraethol cul ac atgas yn ein mysg.

Rwy'n ffyddiog y bydd Sosialwyr a Gweriniaethwyr y fro yn ffeindio ffordd o ddatgan eu gwrthwynebiad i'r cancr yma yn ein cymuned.

trafodwch y mater - a'n hymateb - ar y negesfwrdd.

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